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55 Commercial St Suite 1.5
Manchester, NH, 03101
United States


Lush strives to bring you a custom tan to your skin tone, that is all natural and organic with the convenience of being able to have your tan within hours!

About Us

Hello! We are Laura and Joe Elliott and we founded Lush Organic Airbrush Tanning in 2015.

Laura has always struggled with light, ivory skin that never tans easily!

 Let's be serious, her skin would burn, peel and then freckle.

Her Mom always lectured her on sunscreen and the harmful effects of UV rays. Let's be serious, she didn't really listen until and increasing number of people began getting diagnosed with skin cancers.

After many years of dealing with sunburns, she decided to try sunless tanning.

Welp, the sunless tanning resulted in an orange, streaky and smelly mess-leaving her looking like a glorified Oompa Loompa.

Finally she decided to do some research, and found an all natural solution that could be customized to her skin tone and preference. The solution didn't leave her smelly, sticky, or orange and it  provided the most natural looking glow that faded evenly.

We started to notice countless friends and family commented on how natural Laura's tan was looking. Laura also got frustrated when people would say they were "scared" of doing sunless tanning or stated "it wasn't there thing". That is EXACTLY why we want our clients to know sunless tanning is for every skin type and age! We decided to bring the custom all natural tanning solution to Southern New Hampshire in order to help our clients look and feel beautiful in the most fast and natural way!

With business backgrounds, we both strive to bring our clients the upmost customer service and we look forward to you experiencing the Lush Experience to see for yourself how easy it is to drastically improve the way you look and feel with a nice glow!