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Lush strives to bring you a custom tan to your skin tone, that is all natural and organic with the convenience of being able to have your tan within hours!

Before/After Tan Prep

Before Tan

-Day Prior to your tan: Exfoliate & Shave! Exfoliate w/ a non oily exfoliant. Try to avoid moisturizing soap/body wash (do not use DOVE, bar soaps, high pH shower products or in shower moisturizers before your tan. (this will create a barrier on your skin) We also recommend using nylon exfoliating gloves with water ( not too hard, but light exfoliation will make for healthy skin that will tan best!) Shave at least 12 hours before your tan so pores can close up.

-Day of your tan: You may need to shower off sweat/oils from the day. Be sure to not use oily/heavy moisturizing body washes prior to the tan.  Also, make sure no residue from shampoos are left on shoulder areas. *Very important to make sure there is no barrier on your skin that will prevent the tan from properly developing.

-Get nails and waxing/shaving done prior to tan

-Remove all lotions, makeup, creams and sprays prior to session

-Remove jewelry

-Tie long hair up away from face and neck – we will provide disposable shower caps

-Wear loose fitting and dark clothing, as well as flip flops to your session

-Wear a dark colored bathing suit/undergarments based on your preference- we also provide disposable thongs


After Tan

-Wait at least 8-12 hours ( for original tan) or 30 mins-5 hours ( for express tan) before showering, bathing, swimming, moisturizing, any activities that get the skin wet or cause sweat. 

-If you are going to sleep right away, we recommend long and loose clothing and be sure to not rest hands on tanned body

-Shower with water only for first shower

-Use a gel based moisturizing soap when showering (avoid fragrance/alcohol type soaps, DO NOT use dove soaps & bar soaps)

-Pat yourself dry ( no rubbing)

-Avoid long hot showers/baths and harsh scrubbing

-Use only new sharp razors ( if you must!)

-Apply moisturizer twice a day (Ex: Cocoa butter) (Avoid using moisturizer with mineral oil, citrus, alcohol, or scent) 

-Avoid exfoliating skin or waxing

-Use Aviva after tan products for optimal results: Shower Glow, Velvet Soft Tan Extender, Skin Glow

-While you may have an amazing tan, this solution doesn't contain SPF- so be sure to use sun protection over your tan!

-Also be aware salt water and chlorine can fade tan faster