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Lush strives to bring you a custom tan to your skin tone, that is all natural and organic with the convenience of being able to have your tan within hours!




-Will I look orange?

No! Of course not! Our solution is custom made to your specific skin tone. This is not a "one tan fits all" service, so your solution will work for your skin type. The solution is made up of DHA which derives from sugar cane and beets. The interaction occurs on the outer layer of your skin. The reaction is dependent on how your skin typically tans. 

-How long until I can shower?

For custom airbrush Tan it will be about 8-12 hours before you can shower or come in contact with liquids. For custom airbrush tan express it will be about 1-3 hours before you can shower. 

-How should I come dressed for my tan?

This is totally up to you! You can come all natural and bear it all for every inch to be tanned, or wear your bathing suit/undergarments!

-What is in the solution?

This is an all natural/organic solution. The main ingredient is DHA, which is a skin coloring agent derived from all natural sugar cane and beet roots. This develops on the outer layer of the skin.

-How long does my sunless tan last?

With the proper preparation and if you are moisturizing twice a day, your tan can last up to 7 days or more. Your tan will fade like a regular UV ray tan, as your top layer of skin resurfaces, your tan fades. We offer before and after products to maximize your results.